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would you rather have the biggest duck in the world or the smallest?
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Joseph (joe the toe/ jilbert) eating a sandwich!

Alright kids.. are you ready for this??
which would you rather have: the biggest duck in the world or the smallest??
the creative answers:
wellimBADCOMPANY: average
JLorA33: NOOO pick one
JLorA33: you have to

wellimBADCOMPANY: small
wellimBADCOMPANY: big would take up too much space
JaimieMichelle07: I just like big ducks
JaimieMichelle07: I mean who is like, I wish I have the smallest duck in the world
strebe23: biggest
strebe23: becuase then when it quacked it would blow people away in a gust of wind
strebe23: and if it was the smallest i would probably sit on it and squash it
Decko737: smallest!
JLorA33: their cuter that way
Decko737: and u can take them anywere then
Cheezballs22: biggest
Cheezballs22: becuase i could ride town
hoovercc1635: uuhhhhh
hoovercc1635: well the biggest would make for a larger meal
hoovercc1635: but ive never had duck b4, so it depends if i like how it tastes
blazike 911: smallest
blazike 911: hed be cute
amd0708: i would rather have the biggest because then i would have a museum and then i'd be rich
Damocles369: well, i'd say smallest
Damocles369: b/c a huge duck would be kinda scary
Damocles369: b/c then you would actually see the teeth that ducks hav
wickedblonde 8: the smallest b/c then it can be like a little pet like one of those little dogs or whatever...carry the tiny duck in one of those louis vitton dog purses!!!!
SammiKnapp: um smallest
SammiKnapp: then i could keep it under my bed and use it as a ducky bank
SammiKnapp: actually now that i think about... it would be kinda cute.. put the coins in the beak and then... nevermind, i wouldnt want it anymore when it came out
hvrunner88: biggest
hvrunner88: i could ride it to school
hvrunner88: driving is over rated
SweetPea82700: I would want to be the biggest because when little kids come up to me i would scare them off with my gigantious size and take their candy from them
Get High C: biggest
Get High C: speaking of huge ducks, when you goin to come over and see mine?
hvsoftball813: well, i would take the small one, because if you walked down the street with a big duck, you would get a lot of strange looks...but i guess if you had a duck anyway, you would get some strange looks
hvsoftball813: but small ones are cuter
mightEduck10: in the animal?
JLorA33: yes
mightEduck10: smallest.
mightEduck10: i could take it everywhere...and it would be like the cutest thing...and it would fit in my palm :-)...
mightEduck10: i love ducks.
cooldude12882007: b/c then if u get mad at it u can step on it...the other duck would eat or soemthin
Stillloading: sell it to a circus (who knows which one they wanted..)
KraZeEnezz11: bc small is beautiful
JaimieMichelle07: so big is ugly?
JaimieMichelle07: thats not very nice...tell that to an elephant..
LoVv StRuCk 107: ohh smallest, bc then that would be the cutest!!
FrshBluScoobies7: smallst
FrshBluScoobies7: its be cuter
FrshBluScoobies7: but a big duck woul;d be cool
MndlsSelfIndlgc: biggest?
JLorA33: why would you want the biggest?
MndlsSelfIndlgc: cuz its bigger than the smallest
JLorA33: well DUH.. but why is bigger important?
MndlsSelfIndlgc: well cuz if it was the smallest, i could barely use it
MndlsSelfIndlgc: and that would suck
JLorA33: use it for what?
MndlsSelfIndlgc: guess?
JLorA33: its a DUCK

MndlsSelfIndlgc: haha
MndlsSelfIndlgc: o my bad
MndlsSelfIndlgc: ur a trickster u are
JLorA33: haha what?!?! you just have a mind in the gutter!
JLorA33: gutterhead!

MndlsSelfIndlgc: haha wat can i say
MndlsSelfIndlgc: i live with jackie
JLorA33: haha yes that is true..
JLorA33: so now that you know its a DUCK! which one would you want?

MndlsSelfIndlgc: biggest
MndlsSelfIndlgc: so i could make him attack the weak ducks
JLorA33: your violent!
JLorA33: weak ducks are cute n you need to take care of them
JLorA33: not attack them
MndlsSelfIndlgc: haha
JLorA33: GOD! what are you thinking???
MndlsSelfIndlgc: survival of the fittest
JLorA33: well you care for the nonfit so they can be fit and survive!
JLorA33: you've got a lot to learn craig...
MndlsSelfIndlgc: well thats messing with the food chain, and u can ruin the ecosystem
MndlsSelfIndlgc: o... count it

Troskid2: the biggest b/c if your starving, you can kill it and have lots to eat
Troskid2: but the smallest would be cute
Pocket People:
HVsynchroqueen: smallest
HVsynchroqueen: because he could fit in my pocket
HVsynchroqueen: and i could take him anywhere
HVsynchroqueen: i love ducks
TrDance2006: teh smallest bc then i could carry it around in my pocket
joe24241: smallest duck would be sweet
joe24241: cause you could like carry it in your pocket
joe24241: big one would eat to much
joe24241: and its shit would be huge
joe24241: can you imagine that it would be like constant pickign up
joe24241: i just thought of that monkey story lol (just had to add that in there b/c thats the best story EVERR)
icecutie89: smallest
icecutie89: cause then i can take it every wehre
icecutie89: and he can like hide in my pocket
icecutie89: and you wouldnt even know it
Peachs N Kream: ummm, biggest
Peachs N Kream: you?
JLorA33: smallest
Peachs N Kream: haha,see i am small and you are tall so we want opposites
JLorA33: hahaha but why do you want a big duck?
Peachs N Kream: because you would have more of an advantage if you were big
Peachs N Kream: if you were small you could be killed by other animals easily
JLorA33: but its not whether you would BE a big duck.. it was whether you would want one as a pet..
Peachs N Kream: oooo
Peachs N Kream: if i wanted one
Peachs N Kream: i would want a small one
Peachs N Kream: i could like carry it in my pocket
Peachs N Kream: take it to school
Peachs N Kream: train it to steal things
tartilchopbitt: a lil one :-)
tartilchopbitt: so u can fit it in ur pocket and take it to school with you
tartilchopbitt: and "lil ducky" sounds so much beter than "big fat ducky"
the confused answers:
HVgiraffeCC: smallest duck
HVgiraffeCC: and i dont get it
NMaggiore67: ohhh well this is easy
NMaggiore67: biggest
NMaggiore67: actually i don't understand the question
NMaggiore67: theres a catch to it... but im not getting it :-\
the boring answers: (dont be one of these!!)
Schilly2024: smallest
Salem930: the biggest!
BigBling63: probably the biggest
DiStUrBeDlSr11: the biggest
LoUdNpRoUd4u2: smallest
LoUdNpRoUd4u2: hehe
nchvxc4life: the biggest
AllyOoper813: i wouuld rather have a small dUck
... and then there are the losers that just arent happy with a duck...
crAzy koAla 3: i dont like ducks :-)
EVguitar8: i think id rather have a dog
 MeTalDrUm0907: duck??
JaimieMichelle07: yes
MeTalDrUm0907: what about penguins
mfo810:i would rather kill myself for ever wanting a duck (thats a lil rash dont you think....)
... and then there are these two..... no words to describe them...
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: depends which one is cuterrrr?
JLorA33: no pick one
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: tell me which one is cuter
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: and then maybe i will
JLorA33: i dunno which one is cuter you ahve to pick
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: okay fine... the BIG one... because size DOES matter
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: haha and not just with ducks
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: unless he's too big
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: then maybe i will have to downsize
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: what if i want both
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: because you have to test the car before you drive it
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: so i want both
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: and then i will give one away
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: by deciding which one is cuter
JLorA33: you are so difficult
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: you're the difficult one that won't tell me which one is cuter
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: why a duck anyway
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: i mean... i never really liked ducks because they won't let me pet them at the park
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: they always run away and poop
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: and their poop is so weird looking and smells
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: and i would always step on it when i was trying to pet the duckies
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: 'but i suppose if i had to pick ONE duck...
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: well i wouldn't id take both
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: and be greedy
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: because i can
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: well you're the one that asked the question miss which pooing piece of noisy uncooperative ugly pooping crap would you pick
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: i said pooping twice because they obviously poop a lot
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: like rabbits
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: rabbits poop a lot too
BrwnEyedSurpriz5: and they don't let me pet them either
IaMaMyLeIgH00: ducks fly right?
JLorA33: yes
IaMaMyLeIgH00: ok...then id want the biggest duck in the that i could fly it to china and say hello to all the little short chinese people...and then i could eat with them...becuase they sit on the floor when they eat and i think thats really cool...and then i could learn to use chop sticks...and then i would fly to egypt so that i could see the pyramids...and maybe my duck could land on top of the pyramid and i could pretend i was king (well..queen) of the world
IaMaMyLeIgH00: although..
IaMaMyLeIgH00: a little duck would be cool too
IaMaMyLeIgH00: cuz it would be like having a rubber duck for my bath tub..
IaMaMyLeIgH00: only..
IaMaMyLeIgH00: not rubber
IaMaMyLeIgH00: and i could sing...unrubber duckyy youre the one
IaMaMyLeIgH00: oh..
IaMaMyLeIgH00: and if i had a really big duck..
IaMaMyLeIgH00: it would have really big shit
IaMaMyLeIgH00: and i dont want to have anything that has a bunch of shit i have to pick up...
IaMaMyLeIgH00: can i have both?


If i were you.. I'd visit the family photo album..


Did you know that you can get arrested for DUCKNAPPING????
Thats right.. steal a duck from a park.. n you could be arrested..

which would you choose??