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would you rather have the biggest duck in the world or the smallest?
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About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I might talk about how old I am, what I look like, and what I do for a living. (I'll try to be truthful!)

I might also include some information about my personal history: where I grew up, where I went to school, various places I've lived. If I have one, I'll include a picture of myself engaging in an activity I enjoy, such as a sport or hobby.


No.. sillies.. this isnt me.. this is Henryweegee..

This all started on a warm cross country day when Natalie (purple-wedgies-a-lot-was-fat-in-fifth-grade-door) and Emily (doesn't-have-an-indian-name) and I (big-hop-a-long-dish) were running.  and we saw this stick.. it was HUGE.. like a monster.. n we thought "what better to do w/ a giant stick than poke ackerman??" so we took it and were running with it.. and trying to make it look not obvious that we were carrying a stick that was 8billion feet tall.. so we were all holding it in our left hands and running like we were a choo choo train .. it was difficult.. and he caught on.. but in any case.. the stick was named HENRYWEEGEE because emily wanted to call it louigi and natalie wanted it to be called henrietta.. so i decided it would be henryweegee.. but then the next day.. after we had hid him in a tree.. we came bak and sarah tory and lauren had taken it and broken it and so we named the little ones HENRYWEE because they were "wee small!" aa yes..  i miss those days...


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Jules and Jim, Manhattan, Breaking the Waves

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Ibrahim Ferrer

which would you choose??