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would you rather have the biggest duck in the world or the smallest?
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Matt's Answer

This gets its own special page because he's one crazy kid.. 
 iLIKEpie29: smallest
JLorA33: why?
iLIKEpie29: having the biggest would take up to much room
JLorA33: aa yes.. that is true
iLIKEpie29: and he would be cheaper to feed
iLIKEpie29: and his shit wouldnt be as big
JLorA33: hahaha everyone has something to say about the shit!
JLorA33: your more logical than most people i've asked
iLIKEpie29: thats because im better
JLorA33: of course you are!
iLIKEpie29: but if i had the biggest i could give him a gaint sword and he could kill eveyone
iLIKEpie29: and i could feed him horses
JLorA33: that wouldnt be very nice
JLorA33: horses?
JLorA33: whats wrong w/ feedin ghim bread?
iLIKEpie29: ummm well with bread he wouldnt get enough protien and therefore could not have big enough muscles to carry a big sword
JLorA33: but why does he have to carry a sword
iLIKEpie29: to kill people duhh
iLIKEpie29: thats the only reason why i would want a big one
JLorA33: but WHY do you have to kill people?
iLIKEpie29: i have other things that are big to compinsate
iLIKEpie29: so i didnt have to do it
JLorA33: but its mean to kill!
iLIKEpie29: yeah well in the words of tupac killing isnt fair but someones got to do it
iLIKEpie29: and why have a big duck if it cant kill
iLIKEpie29: but my small duck would be able to dodge big swords becasue he would be fast and a small target
iLIKEpie29: and he could sneak into someones house and plant explosives
iLIKEpie29: so he could be just as deadly
JLorA33: yes.. n small ducks are so much cuter
iLIKEpie29: yeah but big things are funny
iLIKEpie29: like the giant cowboy hats they sell at cedar point
iLIKEpie29: they are funny because they are big
iLIKEpie29: and have more potential killing power than a small hat
iLIKEpie29: which relates to the killing power of a big duck compared to a small duck
JLorA33: cowboy hats have potential killing power?
iLIKEpie29: well if its small you can fit any weapons under it
iLIKEpie29: if its big i could hide a gun
iLIKEpie29: or some other killing device
JLorA33: your a violent person
iLIKEpie29: only when i need to be
JLorA33: you know everything isnt about killing matthew
iLIKEpie29: yeah but everything isnt about the size of duck you had
iLIKEpie29: what if you had a big stupid duck compared to a small smart duck
iLIKEpie29: the small smart duck could build robots to do the killing for him
JLorA33: well then thats all the better reason to hav ea small duck!
iLIKEpie29: and the big duck would just eat its own shit
JLorA33: but NO ducks dont have to be about killing
iLIKEpie29: yes because what good is a duck if its dead
iLIKEpie29: i mean if it was dead i would want a big duck then i could eat it
iLIKEpie29: and make weapons outo fthe bones to kill people
iLIKEpie29: well people/animals
JLorA33: you need to go watch carebears!
iLIKEpie29: carebears promote violence
iLIKEpie29: bears kill stuff all the time
JLorA33: no they do not!
JLorA33: not the CARE BEARS
JLorA33: the care bears are a whole different breed of bears
iLIKEpie29: ok well then they are fags and that would promote violence because i would wnat to better the world by killing them
iLIKEpie29: but if the ducks couldnt kill then it would come down to the small one because it is more economical
iLIKEpie29: but then it brings up a new issue
iLIKEpie29: if its small you might step on it
iLIKEpie29: and then your fucked
JLorA33: yes you are
iLIKEpie29: the best choice would be a medium size duck so you would get the advantages of both
JLorA33: but thats just not an option in this survey
iLIKEpie29: unless it was to preform a special task
JLorA33: what was to perform a smecial task?
iLIKEpie29: what the fuck did you just say
iLIKEpie29: a special task like killing
JLorA33: hahaha shut up.. its late
JLorA33: you should be locked up
iLIKEpie29: fine injure living things
JLorA33: thats the same thing!
iLIKEpie29: no because in one the thing is dead the other it is living off of machines
JLorA33: its still horrible

this has nothing to do w/ matt or ducks.. but go here..

which would you choose??